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C Programming Knowledge, Operating System Concepts


8 Weekends, 4 Hours Each on Saturday and Sunday

Course Fees

Rs: 23000 (Including Taxes), Rupees Twenty Three Thousand Only.

Course Contents

Following topics will be discussed during the course.

  • Introduction to Linux Kernel

  • Loadable Kernel Modules

  • Character Drivers

  • Introduction to /sys file system

  • Blocking IO using Wait Queue Heads

  • Synchronization using Semaphore and Mutex

  • Introduction to /proc File System

  • Time and Delay in Kernel

  • Kernel Timers, Spin Locks and Tasklets

  • Kernel Work Queue and Deferred Work Queue

  • Hardware Communication using Port IO

  • PCI Driver

  • Interrupt Handling

  • Memory Management Interfaces

  • Kernel Linked List

  • Block Drivers

  • USB Drivers

Take Away

PCI based parallel port driver, USB based serial port driver

What Next?

Embedded Linux Drivers Training followed by I2C and SPI Device Driver Training.