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Ubuntu: Using a GPS Dongle

article by: at: 19th Jul 2014 under: Ubuntu

This blog explains how to connect a GPS Dongle to your laptop and how to use the position information. GPS Device For this blog, I will be using the uBlox […]

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Mini2440: Building BusyBox as Dynamic Library for Mini2440

article by: at: 12th Jul 2014 under: Embedded Linux

During the earlier discussions, we have seen how to build BusyBox as a static library and then boot the Mini2440 FriendlyARM board with uBoot and Linux kernel (with the root […]

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Mini2440: Compiling ‘strace’ for Mini2440 FriendlyARM Board

article by: at: 10th Jul 2014 under: Embedded Linux

‘strace’ is a debugging utility for Linux systems to monitor the system calls used by a program and all the signals it receives. Refer to for more description. During the driver […]

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Ubuntu: Installing PTXdist

article by: at: 4th Jul 2014 under: Ubuntu

This blog describes the procedure for installing PTXdist on Ubuntu host. Download the latest PTXdist source code from Pengutronix – PTXdist site. Once you have download the source code, you can extract […]

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Mini2440: Enabling Touch Screen Driver

article by: at: 24th Jun 2014 under: Embedded Linux

This blog describes the procedure for enabling touch screen driver on the Mini2440 FriendlyARM Board. The discussion in this blog is based on the Linux 3.10.6 kernel. However, the procedure […]

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