You can refer to the recommendations on our LinkedIN profile.

You can also follow us on Facebook to check the blogs posted and to connect with the candidates who have been part of our previous training.

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Timely & Continuing Support

Our main objective is to build a long term relationship with the candidates. We would like to have the contacts beyond the duration of our training. Hence, we provide continuous support through phone, email, blogs, etc.

We also provide support over TeamViewer. This will help you resolve any issues which you face during the course of the training or after the training.

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Mission Statement

Our objective is to provide Linux Training with bare minimum pre-requisites from the candidates.

The training’s are full of examples. We strive to make sure the candidate has understood the concepts and the usage of kernel API’s.

In order to further strengthen the understanding, we have breakout boards with commonly used devices on Embedded platforms. We will develop drivers for the breakout boards during the training and explain the purpose of these devices.

By undergoing the training and working out on the development platform + breakout boards, you should be very comfortable with the Linux Driver Development process.

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Training Calendar

Register online or call us to find out the next batch.

We have batches running continuously over the weekends. Contact us to find out the current batch that is in progress and the start date for the next batch based on your interest.

You can register with us to get regular updates about the training.

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